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Contact Centers have their sights on the border

Companies take advantage of language and location.

Alma Valenzuela, Zventus, and Patricia Hernandez, DEITAC

Tijuana, February 25th .- Currently the Contact Center industry is one of the most projected for the following years since in Tijuana operate several companies that provide services to global companies, so it is an area of opportunity, both for people who are looking for a job and to attract other investments.

The marketing manager of the Zventus company, Alma Valenzuela, was invited to the fortnightly press conference of Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (EDC), chaired by Carlos Higuera Virgen. She explained that they are suppliers of last generation global outsourcing that focuses on business development and technology.

She emphasized that due to Tijuana's strategic geographic location, from here they have professionals in different sectors such as marketing, accounting, as well as engineering, which are the ones that present support work and consultancies to world-class companies in the United States.

She said that it is very easy for the managers of these companies to travel to the border in order to supervise these operations, as well as to provide specialized training to the operational employees in charge of carrying out activities focused on the business and technology areas.

Alma Valenzuela detailed that currently, Zventus has four years of operations in this city and has more than 50 associates, and will soon have an expansion of its services that will allow it to offer another 40 job vacancies whose profiles will be for professionals from undergraduate level.

The head/director of EDC, Edna Patricia Hernández, explained that currently, this promotional organization is attracting investments that more than quantity, generate quality in regard to jobs, since being projects with high complexity, require more preparation from the applicants.

Tijuana, Baja California, México.

She said that it’s estimated that around 60 contact centers of different sizes operate in Tijuana, most offer more competitive salaries compared to other areas in the market, especially those who speak English since most interactions with customers and consumers are under that language.

She suggested that the talent of this region is attractive to contact centers, among these deported people who were some time in the American Union who speak the English language perfectly.

Patricia Hernandez added that another advantage is the schedule since it is very similar to the one with the American Union, which facilitates the conduct of business, in contrast to companies located in other regions of the world.



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