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Case Studies

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Saving $1 Million During Rapid Growth

The Challenge:

Our client in the auto insurance sector needed support for a rapid rate of growth, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and achieving its goals with KPIs.


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Case of Studies_CASE2.png

Reducing Operational Expenses by 45%

The Challenge:

With its worldwide footprint, our client in the global insurance space faced a difficult task in reconciling insurance premiums and analyzing its growing database.

Case of Studies_CASE3.png

Using Data Analytics to Boost Performance

The Challenge:

Our client, a global insurance company, wanted to implement a data analytics solution to analyze and improve its underwriting processes.


Creating $20 Million in FinTech Opportunities

The Challenge:

A startup in the FinTech space needed support to scale its DevOps capabilities and launch a new SaaS platform for the lending industry while increasing sales and strengthening its market positioning.


Increasing Production by Over 100%

The Challenge:

A growing organization in the lending sector was relying heavily on a poor quality offshore service provider, impeding its ability to scale the production of loan estimates.


Improved UX and Faster Time-to-Market

The Challenge:

Our client, a lending and loan technology provider, needed to improve the quality of its software, its development processes, and its overall capacity.

Case of Studies_CASE7.png

Supercharging Bilingual Sales Capacity

The Challenge:

A growing US lending company wanted to increase its sales capacity by targeting the US Hispanic market but was struggling to find quality Spanish-speaking talent domestically.

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