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Contact Centers: Consumer-ordered technological evolution.

Professional contact center services are becoming more and more specialized in Tijuana, a strategic city to do better business due to its culture and proximity to the United States.

Angel Alban, President of Zventus

Twenty-one years ago in Tijuana there was only one call center, a company that provided customer service at a distance.

Its origin was Mexican and dedicated exclusively to provide services to the company Telmex, which previously belonged to the public sector.

Over time, other similar centers emerged whose activities expanded to offer collection solutions, credits and other aspects of finance and telemarketing.

They also offered their services to other companies through outsourcing.

After 20 years, the call center sector grew and diversified to become contact centers, which go far beyond answering telephone calls for their clients.

Now there are more than 50 national and foreign companies in Tijuana, mainly from the United States, with services ranging from Call Center, Contact Center, Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology Process Outsourcing.

Although historically the teleservice's strong arm has been in India and Indonesia, in recent years US companies have looked for other options.

Currently they are also concentrated in Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, where the compass points towards Tijuana because of the advantages it represents over other geographies.

The U.S. business model demands direct supervision and constant communication, since geographic proximity, common time zone and culture related to the northern country are added values of this region.

"When the American client operates in other places such as Asia and India, requires taking international trips to have direct supervision of their operations and this involves higher costs, and also a greater investment of time", explains Patricia Hernández, Executive Director of the Tijuana Economic Development corporation (EDC), dedicated to attract foreign investment to the city.

These features improve interaction and make it easier to do business, because it's easier to understand the client's needs, says Hernandez.

That's one of the reasons why EDC sees this as a potential for the sector, and also, some local and U.S. companies have discovered the advantages of investing in Tijuana sector.

Angel Alban is president of Zventus, a contact center and middle office established for four years in the city and which serves companies in the United States.

Alban, an American with decades of experience in the sector, is clear about the advantages of investing in this city.

"You can come from Los Angeles to Tijuana, do business and return home the same day. You can not do that in India, there you have to spend at least three weeks, he says.

While Claro Call Center Services has been in Tijuana for three years. It arrived in 2016, when they rented facilities, but seeing the potential of the city, in 2017 they inaugurated an operations center with its own space for 1,000 agents. "With our location in Baja, just 10 minutes from the border, we can provide executive management, supervision and comfort in our new facilities, along with additional capacity and economic benefits for our clients. It's a true nearshore model, which is rare in the industry, "says Blythe Lawton, director of sales and marketing.

By nearshore it means having a subcontracting with costs and suitable conditions abroad.

Contact centers like these have grown as the market has done it.

They went from customer service, sales, marketing, to solving tasks and offering solutions that require specialized knowledge.


Angel Alban is President of Zventus, a leader with 25 years of top 10 mortgage industry experience in strategy, operations, and technology. Zventus provides management consulting, strategic staffing solutions, and managed services that give organizations the power to overcome any business challenges.

If you’d like to learn more about our global staffing solutions or the benefits of virtual recruitment, get in touch by contacting us here.



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