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What is global outsourcing 4.0 and how can it help my business?

I recently returned from Mexico City where I attended FAMEX, the 2nd largest aerospace conference and air show in Latin America. I was inspired to write my first article on global outsourcing 4.0 as it was a key topic with leaders and investors who are looking to improve and expand their aerospace outsourcing platforms in Mexico.

Global outsourcing 4.0, as we practice and evolve it with our clients, is about trusted relationships who can think and execute across the various functions of your business. Imagine a strategic partner who can help you think and integrate marketing, sales, operations and technology into high performing units. Imagine the possibilities to improve every part of your business. Now, let us take that one step further to include other key functions like data & analytics, finance & accounting, project management and corporate wellness for your workforce. Global outsourcing 4.0 is about trusted relationships with diverse talent and superior capabilities to drive every part of your business forward efficiently and effectively.

Today's highly competitive digital marketplace requires speed to market, quality with continuous innovation to maintain and to grow marketshare. Outsourcing solutions of the past targeted low skill, low impact activities of a business which didn't move the needle where the business needed it the most. The global outsourcing providers of the future are end-to-end in thinking and capabilities who can drive high value outcomes for your business.

Like in real estate, location, location and location is a key consideration for your global outsourcing partner. Think about travel time and costs, time zone differences, cultural and overall ease of doing business.

Zventus' operations are in the US, Mexico and Central America. A key strategic location is Baja California, Mexico which borders San Diego and is easy to access from major markets by car, trains or a short airplane ride.

Our clients find Baja California, Mexico attractive due to its cultural alignment, talent availability, short travel distance and time zone. Being in the same time zone with easy access for training and meetings translates to being on the same page.

When you combine all of these factors it makes outsourcing easy which lowers risk of execution and total cost of engagement too. We are proud to have helped a client build a 40 person team across 12 business functions which improved service levels plus delivered cost efficiencies of over one million dollars in the first year.

Global outsourcing 4.0 is the future and available today through Zventus who has experienced professionals to help you improve and grow every part of your business.

For more information on our global outsourcing 4.0 services please contact Zventus at:


Angel Alban is President of Zventus, a leader with 25 years of top 10 mortgage industry experience in strategy, operations, and technology. Zventus provides management consulting, strategic staffing solutions, and managed services that give organizations the power to overcome any business challenges.

If you’d like to learn more about our global staffing solutions or the benefits of virtual recruitment, get in touch by contacting us here.



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