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Honduras, a step to consolidate the industrial section.

In May, Zventus started its operations in Honduras, a company that works in outsourcing services.

The vision of leading a company with a presence in Latin America is becoming more and more a reality for Angel Alban, an American with a Guatemalan mother and an Ecuadorian father.

After almost five years in the market, the leading company in business and outsourcing services solutions, Zventus has consolidated its presence in different cities in the United States, Mexico, and, since last May in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The decision to enter the country derived from a combination of finding the right partner, bilingual skilled labor, and the same time zone as the United States. Where most of the companies are served in sales, marketing, operations, customer experience, data & analytics, technology, finance & accounting, strategy, and others.

“Our goal is to be throughout Latin America. Between the first and second quarter of next year, we plan to open a global delivery center in South America. Zventus will be a company in America," said Alban.

In his 51 years, the entrepreneur has accumulated a vast experience of more than two decades in high-level positions in multinational companies with more than 65,000 employees and who are frequent in the Fortune 500 listings, which identifies the largest U.S. open-capital companies according to their sales volumes.

In Honduras, led by General Manager Mauricio Talbott, Zventus plans to move from the current 12 jobs to 25 by the end of the year and duplicate the figure by the middle of the next, following by an expansion plan in which they plan to create 300 jobs in the next five years.

"We are the next generation of outsourcing service providers because when we work with our clients the first thing we do is research their business, we learn from them and many times we have already been in the position of CEO, so we understand what they have to do and the strategy they have to implement," Alban added.

More institutions, such as INCAE Business School, have studied the direct relationship between worker well-being and enterprise productivity; that is, a motivated and empowered workforce contributes to the development and growth of innovative industries.

In companies such as Zventus, employees are the greatest asset and their executives seek that maxim to be felt and shared by all work teams.

"I started as an intern. I still didn’t graduate from college. My experience since then has been very good because the team works are open and the values are very strong and deeply rooted in the culture. You can see that the purpose they have is not only to help the client, but they also care about their employees' ' said Alma Valenzuela, Zventus marketing manager, who spoke with D&N by phone from the company's global delivery center in Baja California, Mexico.

National Industry. According to the Honduras 20/20 Program, over the last year, the Business process outsourcing (BPO) and the Information technology outsourcing (ITO) sectors created 3,200 jobs.

In the last five years, the contact center industry, which annually reports an average growth of 3.3% in terms of currency generation, has contributed to the creation of service jobs, particularly in San Pedro Sula and smaller in Tegucigalpa.

Nationally, there are more than 15 companies of contact centers that mainly provide services in collection management, marketing, sales, customer service, and preference surveys; and that employ more than 10,000 people directly, mostly young college students who begin their professional experience with hourly or part-time jobs.



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