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People at Zventus: Alma’s Journey from Intern to Marketing Director

Here at Zventus, we couldn’t be more proud of the incredible people who contribute to our growth and success every day, so we decided to share some of their stories and give them a chance to highlight our employee experience.

Let’s kick things off with our Marketing Director, Alma Valenzuela, who joined us as an intern and quickly became the driving force behind our most successful marketing efforts.

Meet Alma: Music Lover and Dog Mother

Alma holding her dog - Zventus

When she’s not mothering her puppies, Alma loves spending time with her friends, going camping, hitting the beach, and attending music festivals or concerts. As a singer, music is a massive part of Alma’s life, and she used to major in opera singing before she found her calling in marketing.

“It’s pretty sad that we can’t go to music venues right now, so I can’t wait for the pandemic to ease up so we can get back into the music scene,” she said. “Every time I have the chance to listen to live music, I’m there.”

Studying, Working, and Learning

When Alma came to Zventus in October 2017, she was studying for her marketing degree at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). Still, she wanted to start developing new skills for her professional life while she completed school.

“Zventus was less than a year old at the time, and I heard it was looking for interns who wanted to learn and were open to new experiences,” she recalled. “I went to the interview not knowing much about the company, and Angel, our President, greeted me at the door, welcomed me in, interviewed me, and offered me the internship. It was great to have such a warm reception from day one.”

Alma’s first assignment was to connect with everyone in the company, learn about what they did, then propose something valuable to add to our marketing efforts. After that, she was given the freedom to take on as many tasks as she could handle.

“I was learning and growing so much from one month to the next, mainly because I kept asking for more assignments,” she laughed. “People on the team always motivate each other to learn whatever we need to learn, then apply that knowledge to our work, so it felt like I was picking up new skills every day.”

While Alma was still in school, Zventus always gave her the opportunity to study, even sponsoring school events and supporting her professional growth as she finished her education.

“My workload was growing fast as I was finishing my studies, so Angel could see that I was stressed out,” she laughed. “He made sure that I carried on with my education and supported me through it—he always told me that was the priority.”

Once she graduated in 2019, Alma spent a lot of time shadowing Angel, launching small campaigns on social media, promoting the company, representing Zventus at industry events, then eventually moving into her current role of Marketing Director.

Culture and Career at Zventus

Now that Alma is running the marketing side of the business, her primary job is to make sure people notice Zventus and know as much as possible about the company.

On the external side, she handles the creation of social media calendars, content, advertising campaigns, recruitment marketing, website updates, analytics, events promotion, and client presentations. Internally, she promotes benefits to employees, makes sure they’re happy and informed, and communicates everything they need to know.

“Incredibly, I’ve been able to climb from an intern to Marketing Director in just a few short years, but Zventus has always been right behind me and given me the confidence to succeed,” she said. “The whole team is super welcoming and open. If you’re ever stuck or need help, you can turn to any teammate, and they’ll be there for you.”

For prospective candidates and recruits, Alma thinks Zventus offers an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, unlock your potential, and follow your dreams.

“Everyone is positive, welcoming, and helpful, which for someone like me is not always a great thing,” she laughed. “Jokes aside, it’s awesome how everyone is on a mission to help each other and make things better, so even if you don’t feel like dreaming big some days, everyone will quickly elevate you to that level.”

Alma Valenzuela is Marketing Director at Zventus.

Zventus provides management consulting, strategic staffing solutions, and managed services that give organizations the power to overcome any business challenges.



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