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Zventus Expands Through VendorMatch, Bringing Expert Solutions to More Businesses

Zventus, a leading business and technology solutions provider, joins Celent's VendorMatch platform, expanding Zventus's reach and connecting with new clients seeking innovative solutions.

Los Angeles, CA – March 28, 2024 – Zventus, a leading provider of business and technology solutions announced its official joining of the VendorMatch platform today. The platform, offered by Celent, a subsidiary of the esteemed Oliver Wyman Group/Marsh McLennan, is recognized as the industry standard for vendor intelligence and discovery within the financial technology sector. This placement significantly expands Zventus's market reach and visibility, connecting Zventus with a vast network of organizations seeking cutting-edge solutions.

Zventus Workforce Solutions

Zventus stands out through its unique value proposition: merging industry expertise with a global talent pool and leveraging best-in-class practices.

Zventus's meticulous talent alignment process ensures optimal project outcomes and efficient resource allocation, ultimately minimizing costs for Zventus's clients. Zventus is dedicated to building a high-performing team of experts, empowering clients to fuel innovation, overcome challenges, and achieve rapid business growth.

"Zventus is honored to join VendorMatch, aligning with Celent's mission to connect businesses with solutions for growth and innovation. Zventus empowers companies to unlock efficiency and execute new ideas," says Angel Alban, President of Zventus.

Unleash the full potential of Zventus's comprehensive offerings and discover how Zventus can help your business achieve its goals. Visit today. Celent’s VendorMatch can be found here.

About Zventus:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Zventus empowers Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises to achieve strategic, operational, and technological excellence. By leveraging proven strategies and world-class outsourcing solutions, Zventus helps clients unlock efficiency gains of up to 50%. Led by a team of seasoned industry veterans with deep expertise in insurance, finance, and healthcare, Zventus tailors solutions specifically for leading global brands. Committed to the highest security standards, Zventus prioritizes data protection with concurrent HIPAA, HITECH, and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications. Partnering with Zventus embarks businesses on a journey towards transformative excellence.



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