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Zventus Launches Interpretation Services in 220 Languages to Support COVID-19 Vaccination Push

April 13, 2021, LOS ANGELES — Zventus, a global business services provider, has today launched a professional interpretation service that will streamline COVID-19 vaccination bookings.

“As the world prepares for the distribution of vaccines, medical practices, healthcare organizations, and governments face several difficulties with rapid and widespread vaccination in their communities,” said Angel Alban, CEO at Zventus. “With our new interpretation services, we’re aiming to solve one of these challenges, namely patient-doctor language barriers.”

With multilingual capabilities in 220 languages, the company’s global network of highly qualified, HIPPA-certified remote interpreters is available 24/7/365 over telephone, video, and chat channels, giving medical practitioners the ability to communicate with any patient during the vaccination process within 30-40 seconds.

Along with their specific language skills, each interpreter has been vetted for their understanding of medical terminology and ability to translate with total accuracy to avoid miscommunication or misdiagnosis.

“During this time of need, healthcare institutions need to be able to communicate with their patients no matter what language they speak, or risk delaying the vaccination process unnecessarily,” said Alban. “Patients need to know about the vaccination process, including potential side effects, appointment scheduling, and costs, so will benefit greatly from someone explaining things on their level.”

For companies in the medical industry, Zventus’s interpretation services integrate with Amwell,, Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet, enabling added value through speed-to-market.

Along with the immediate need for this service, Zventus is aiming to improve the booking process for medical practices in the long-term with digital device integration and end-to-end interpreter support for patients. Once a patient’s preferred language is recorded, any future communication with them can pass through an interpreter to enhance the patient experience and improve staff efficiency.

Interpretation Tools for Business

With its new interpretation services, Zventus is also solving challenges for organizations in the financial services sector, enabling lenders, banks, and other financial institutions to deliver products and services in their customers’ native languages. I

For instance, there are millions of immigrants in the US who need financial services, but struggle to understand complex financial terms. By enabling interpretation services through real-time voice and video, or email, chat, and SMS, brands are able to support customers in their native language, resulting in a boost to brand loyalty and an increase in referrals.

Zventus can provide interpreted documentation, such as contracts or loan applications, as well as live interpreters to assist in the closure of important financial transactions, like mortgages or investments. For those in the financial sector, this means the ability to provide services to every community in the country.

“Everybody who has a phone has an interpreter in their pocket,” said Alban. “With our language support services, there are no longer any barriers between companies and their customers, meaning higher revenues, happier clients, and universal appeal.”

About Zventus

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Zventus is a trusted strategic partner that improves every part of the business through management consulting, strategic staffing solutions, technology services, and managed services. We provide unique end-to-end services from marketing, sales, and operations to technology delivery, accounting, and data analytics.

With our talent network spanning 180 countries and service delivery capabilities in 220 languages, Zventus proudly serves middle-market and Fortune 500 companies in insurance, healthcare, lending, and capital markets, as well as supporting startups in their long-term growth ambitions.

Since starting operations in 2016, Zventus has grown to become the largest Hispanic-owned BPO and technology outsourcing provider in the United States, with facilities in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Honduras. To date, we have managed over 1 million BPO tasks, taken over 2 million calls, completed over 100 technology and management consulting engagements, analyzed over 1 billion medical records for the healthcare industry, and saved over US$500 million in medical bills, and we’re only just getting started.

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