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Zventus talks about the challenges and advantages of contact centers in Tijuana

Zventus leaders participate in the Newsweek Mexico panel discussing Contact centers, KPO, BPO, ITO: Importance, perspectives and trends of the industry.

"Talent exists in Tijuana, and we want to show the world the talent we have here, we work with companies that are based in the United States, and here we help them find their employees."

Key Topics:

  • Contact centers offer bilingual, bi cultural talent with 100% English/Spanish capabilities.

  • BPO is business process outsourcing offering basic to complex data processing, validation and decisioning.

  • KPO is knowledge process outsourcing offering product development, marketing, inside sales, data analytics and reporting, finance and accounting.

  • ITO is technology outsourcing offering full stack development functions and project management.

  • Mexico offers North American companies easy accessibility, time zone coverage and a growing talent base to provide world class business and technology services.

Special thanks to Carlos Higuera, Chairman of the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation who organized the event.



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