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Zventus: Bridging the Gap in Healthcare with Technology and Top Talent

Zventus, a Los Angeles-based healthtech company, addresses healthcare worker shortages and operational inefficiencies by offering HIPAA-compliant non-clinical staffing and solutions to medical facilities.

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2024 - Zventus, a leading Los Angeles-based healthtech company, is helping to improve the critical challenge of healthcare worker shortages and operational inefficiencies. As a HIPAA-certified provider of non-clinical workforce services and Healthtech digital solutions, Zventus empowers medical groups and hospitals to deliver exceptional patient care while improving practice profitability.

"Our customized solutions leverage the expertise of top talent alongside cutting-edge digital tools," says Angel Alban, President at Zventus. "This combined approach streamlines the entire patient journey, from new patient registration and scheduling to insurance verification, treatment authorization, billing, and even EHR management."

Prioritizing Patient Data Security

Their Fortune 500 Alum leadership teams are experts and understand the paramount importance of data security in healthcare. The company maintains the highest standards of patient information protection through its concurrent HIPAA, HITECH, and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications. This ensures patients can trust that their data is always safe and secure.

Addressing the Nationwide Healthcare Worker Shortage

The healthcare industry faces a significant shortage of qualified personnel across various roles. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a staggering shortage of 195,400 nurses by 2031, while the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) identified staffing shortages as the top issue for hospitals in their 2023 survey. The American Hospital Association also predicts a deficit of up to 3.2 million healthcare workers by 2026.

Zventus: Bridging the Gap in Healthcare with Technology and Top Talent

Zventus: A Solution for Today's Healthcare Challenges

Zventus offers innovative solutions to bridge these critical workforce gaps. By providing access to a pool of qualified and reliable talent, Zventus alleviates the burden on existing staff. Simultaneously, their digital solutions streamline workflows and increase efficiency, enabling healthcare providers to expand their capacity and enhance the patient experience.

Zventus is committed to creating a future where exceptional patient care goes hand-in-hand with a thriving healthcare workforce. For more information, please visit

About Zventus:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Zventus empowers Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises to achieve strategic, operational, and technological excellence. By leveraging proven strategies and world-class outsourcing solutions, Zventus helps clients unlock efficiency gains of up to 50%. Led by a team of seasoned industry veterans with deep expertise in insurance, finance, and healthcare, Zventus tailors solutions specifically for leading global brands. Committed to the highest security standards, Zventus prioritizes data protection with concurrent HIPAA, HITECH, and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications. Partnering with Zventus embarks businesses on a journey towards transformative excellence.



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