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Zventus successfully runs its first Hyperledger Blockchain Mortgage Subgroup Meeting

Marvin Bantugan, CTO of Zventus led the first update meeting of the newly founded Hyperledger Blockchain Mortgage Subgroup specifically focused on modernizing the mortgage sector through blockchain technology. Angel Alban and James Hendrick addressed the State of Blockchain in the Global Mortgage Industry, the Introduction of the Mortgage Industry Subgroup, the newly formed Mortgage Blockchain Lab, and the first Mortgage Blockchain Technology Internship Pilot.

Special thanks to Vipin Bharathan Chairman of the Capital Markets Special Industry Group and Karen Ottoni, Director of Ecosystem at the Hyperledger Foundation, for their support and guidance during this process and to all the attendees of the event, we hope to see you again at our next meeting.

You can see all about the meeting in the recording below:

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